Although breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among U.S. women with more than 250,000 new cases predicted in 2017, I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t because I thought breast cancer would never happen to me, I simply imagined it as a distant concern – one that might cast a shadow over my “golden years,” but hardly a disease destined to take center stage in my early 40s.

So what does it feel like to be diagnosed with breast cancer? Well, there’s a long list of words (including a substantial number of profanities) that I could share to illustrate my reaction to that one particular moment.

However, in the interest of keeping this a family friendly blog, why not find a meme – one that could express all my feelings of profound disbelief in one universally accessible image? Oh sure, emotional complexity falls to the wayside a bit, but to a delightfully improbable yet hilariously relatable extent, this shocked koala meme says it all.

The Shock of Breast Cancer Diagnosis, as Told by Memes (Part 1 of 2)

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